Establised in 1985


Establised in 1985

 £3.95 Carriage Charge for orders under £30, Free above £30

A day in the Life ...

18 Aug 2022

When someone new starts helping us I sometimes feel very sorry for them, they might think they are coming to be a ' Sales Assistant ' that just stands behind the till and takes money... OMG if only that was all there was to do !! We are such a busy environment with everyone taking their part in all the roles, from Computer work to Merchandising to unpacking deliveries there is never a dull moment. The fact that Staycations, that are still very much a thing, has made Keswick, already a busy town pre-covid, into a crazy busy place.... for which we are eternally grateful.... but it means everyone in the team has had to work harder than ever. The varied busy workload certainly makes the days go quickly and we try to do it all with laughter. Some jobs just can't be done within the working day, such as moving sections of the shop around, we would spoil the customers experience and the frustration of not been able to get a job done is too stressful so there's nothing to it but a late night working on after we close. Tony and I just do this, the girls go home and leave us to work ' happily ' together, they have to listen to us bicker through the day enough, they don't need it at night as well !?!?! So Monday this week was one of those late nights, moving four areas of the shop around to make improvements, it usually goes that we make more space than needed which happened again but no problem because we have a big delivery of new ceramics due today so space to put it out all prepared.... it is some lovely mugs and jugs... sneak preview here...