Establised in 1985


Establised in 1985

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Be On Trend... Vases and Planters

31 Aug 2021

It's been great seeing so many people enjoying Keswick and the beautiful Lake District...so many of the visitors are here for the first time,  we hope that, now having seen how fantastic it is, they return other years. There has been a lot of time spent mooching about Keswicks' wonderful retail offer, a lot of time sitting outside eating and drinking as well.... how much better can time get ?? We have worked hard to offer new and on trend items for everyone to enjoy, the biggest sales have been around Face Styled Vases and Plant Pot Covers. There has been a big focus on our home space, for obvious reasons, and we want it to look nice, here's a few of the best sellers to have a look at..

If you're heading to Keswick, come and say Hello... Tony and I love a good chat with people, learning where they live, what they do, how Covid have affected them...we are just generally nosey !! Keep Safe x