Establised in 1985


Establised in 1985

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When you've done something a long time ????

24 Jul 2023

Tony and I have been doing this job for a long time, on the 12th of September this year it will be 38 years !!! We do still love it which we feel blessed for, we know a lot of our contemporaries that do not like their jobs and haven't for a very long time, life is far too short to be miserable !! To make sure we keep fresh and motivated we take time to always keep the stock we sell changing, over the years we have dipped in and out of different ranges/areas, some work, some don't but that's how life is !! There are some suppliers that we dealt with for almost all the years Alternative has been in existence, they get less as time rolls on but Jellycat is one that, like us, keeps surviving. They also keep new products being introduced and we go along trying them, the staple gorgeous cuddly toys are the mainstay though. We were really upset this year by the closure of one of our best suppliers, Transomnia, we have again dealt with them since virtually day one and we have grown older together, they were probably the most organised, reliable supplier we have ever had and their products sold consistently well, they had a fabulous eye for what we, and our customers loved. They decided to close the business to retire, after failing to sell it as a going concern, we will miss dealing with them but we carry on and fill the gap they left with other products from other suppliers. Here's a few things from these two suppliers;