Establised in 1985


Establised in 1985

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Xmas is coming !!!

29 Oct 2023

So here we are, Tony and I facing our 39th Xmas with Alternative, we absolutely still love what we do but the only downside is that each year we get a year older ... and it's harder work !!! But all the hard work prior to the years selection going on sale in October begins in January, immediately after we have put the previous Xmas to bed... it is such an important part of Alternative, whether it be people choosing to buy Xmas decorations to make their home welcoming at this time, or whether they are choosing presents from us for their friends and loved ones. We really appreciate all our customers and feel honoured to be part of what is an important process, present giving shows love and we adore being part of it. We spend a lot of time choosing new products and making sure all the old favourites/ best sellers are on offer, things always take us by surprise though and a new products sells quickly and we haven't bought enough, it is straight on the phone to our suppliers to get more if possible. In times gone past it was always possible but now people don't carry as much stock as they did and we have to work harder to keep good sellers in stock, we never like to disappoint people. So have a look through the Website, or if you can come along to the Shop in Keswick, and hopefully find things that you like and think others will too ??